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Tunas Water Sports Development

Tunas Foundation is commited to introducing and cultivating the love of the younger generations for the world of maritime affairs through sports media.

Josa Family FC

Josa Family is a Football and Futsal Club, active in prestigious tournaments, as well as opening a football school in order to develop athletes from an early ages.

Practical Shooting Development

Tunas Shooting Sports Foundation is a shooting sport coaching and development media based on IPSC and AA IPSC
Fostering Future Generations
We dedicate our idea and efforts for the next generations of Indonesia.
Find your talent, and grow with us.
Dwi Kurnia

Self Defence

Shorinji Kempo

Join us in regular training  at Transmart Mataram 1st Floor

Regular Practice

Trained directly by experts in Shorinji Kempo martial arts


Participate in Regional, National and International Championships

Belt Rise Test and Grade

Practice with us to improve your grade technique mastery

About Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a martial arts sport which in multi-event championships is under the auspices of the Indonesian National Sports Committee and the Indonesian Olympic Committee. The Shorinji Kempo Indonesia Brotherhood is the central organization that houses the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Board and West Lombok District Board.

challenge yourself

Shorinji Kempo teaches his Kenshi that in strength there is love that grows together. This can be seen from the basic principles of his martial arts technique where evasion is the priority. It is strictly not allowed to destroy the opponent, but it is enough to paralyze the weak points on the opponent’s body.

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Dojo Brajamusti

Shorinji Kempo Dojo Brajamusti invites all people of all ages to better maintain a balance between strength, compassion and maintaining health as well as self-defense exercises from all kinds of threats that endanger life. Specifically for the younger generation, we provide a platform to forge themselves into Shorinji Kempo martial arts athletes for a career in the Regional, National and International arenas.

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Love without strength is weakness, Strength without love is cruelty.

we love what we do. Join Us