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Indonesia is known as an archipelagic country and has a history of maritime and maritime glory in the past, until now the world recognizes that marine resources are still one of the best assets this nation has.

The song “Nenek Moyangku Orang Pelaut” which was often sung by our parents, is so melodious to listen to as a lullaby. However, at this time the song has become the spirit of two young Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Randy Sinatriya who are part of Government Corporates PT. ASDP and Roli Apriyansyah, an entrepreneur and sports activist, has a concern about whether songs and stories about Indonesia's Maritime glory were only heard by generations in the past?

Two friends finally agreed to invite other youths to build a place to gather, discuss, and take small steps to start trying to hear back the glories of the past to the current generation in order to foster love, care and foster future generations by creating the connectivity developments of various aspects in the marine sector.

Tunas Samudera Indonesia Foundation was established and incorporated according to the Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Number AHU-0001291.AH.01.04 in 2023 as a manifestation of these young people ideas.

In the social field, a sports school was established as a forum for introducing and fostering sports achievements in Water Sports (Surfing, Sailboats, Swimming, Diving, Rowing and Fishing) and other sports such as Beach Volleyball, Football and Futsal, Self-Defense and Shooting for the children of the coast and beyond.

The foundation is also active in providing free health services, conducting observations and research related to the world of sports, maritime and tourism.

In addition, the distribution of aid to victims of natural disasters and wars is also an activity in the humanitarian field, and providing assistance for the construction of various places of worship and public facilities is also an activity in the religious sector.


  • Strong internally through coaching and developing human resources for administrators, members and the environment with an integrated management concept
  • Forming an academic community as a promoter of maritime sports, social and economic transformation
  • Building ecosystem connectivity in the social, humanitarian, religious fields based on fostering and empowering coastal communities and their surroundings
  • Realizing sustainable youth development programs and community empowerment


The Foundation’s vision is to restore the Maritime and Maritime Hegemony of the Indonesian Nation in the eyes of the world through fostering sports and science, social and environmental care, tourism and instilling religious values.

Our Team

Roli Apriyansyah, SE.Sy., MM


M. Satria Dirgantara Pratama

General Secretary

Mahesa Abahul Hamit, SE

Head Of Finance

Lalu Muhammad Raasidin

Supervisory Board

Dwi Kurnia Ananda, A. Md. Ak


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We build connectivity in the sports, education, social and economic sectors

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Mentoring and empowering youth and the community is our mission